Furnace Repair & Installation Services

ExtraordinAir Heating & Cooling will provide you with the most reliable and professional service team for all of your heating, furnace repair and installation needs.
Installation Services at ExtraordinAir Heating & Cooling in Lebanon, OR

Furnace Repair & Installations

For any furnace service needs on any brand of furnace or heater, ExtraordinAir is proud to provide you with the most reliable, professional and budget minded service in Lebanon, Albany and surrounding communities. Regardless of your heating concerns, feel free to contact us to discuss your questions with our friendly, knowledgeable service professionals.

3 Big Questions about Your Furnace

The operation of a furnace sounds fairly simple: the igniter and the gas light the burners, the blower moves warm air through the ductwork. However, furnaces can be complicated with many moving and electric components. If your furnace is not working it is best to call a trained technician. Damaged furnaces can cause a safety concern in your home.

When should I replace my filter?

There are several types of filters available, such as a 1", 2", 4", 5" and electronic filters. The most common is a 1" pleated filter. If you have this type, you should change your filter once per month to allow good air flow to your furnace and to help lower the amount of dust in your home.

When should I replace my furnace?

Most furnaces can have an average life of 10-20 years. Many times furnaces need costly repairs. It is important to factor in the age of the furnace, the cost of repairs, and utility costs. Sometimes it can be more economical to replace the furnace, and add energy efficiency to your heating options.

What should I consider in a new furnace?

When looking for a new furnace, it is important to keep the following factors in mind. Warranty, efficiency, utility costs, noise level, and company reputation. Our trained technicians can help answer questions to help you decide the best product for your home.

Fast service & installation

At ExtraordinAir Heating & Cooling, we strive to provide the best customer service and prompt repairs and installation every single time. Our clients are repeat customers and referrals are the key to our success.

Family owned, with 30 years experience

We offer 24 hour Emergency Service so we’re available when you need us. We also provide routine maintenance services to stop a problem in it’s tracks before it gets worse. Thorough inspections can ensure that your home stays toasty warm all winter, and cool all summer long with no service interruptions in between.

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